Royal G Symphony

Welcome to Royal G Symphony – A new take on alternative rock! Members Calum, Logan, Michael, Nick, and Darian came together from across Ontario with different stories, idols, and musical influences. Combining these differences in the bars and music halls of Guelph, ON, Royal G Symphony presents a dynamic, diverse, unmistakably Canadian sound.​

The authenticity of music stands as the core principle of the band. Writing and composing all their songs, Royal G Symphony pairs personal stories of love, loss, alienation and elation with carefully composed melodies and impactful rhythm. Holding the live experience paramount, Royal G Symphony is committed to inspiring change through music.​

In the first recorded work from Royal G Symphony, The King's Highway showcases the dynamic nature of their sound! Authentic rock influenced by Canadian radio that twists and turns like a Rocky Mountain road trip! Featuring the unreleased tracks “the Highway”, “Merlot” and “I’m Not Crazy” as well as singles “Juno and “Don’t Look Now”, The King’s Highway has a sound for every rock lover!

Although the pandemic derailed the live music industry in 2020, Royal G Symphony used the time to expand their musical roster and polish their sound. Armed with this new material, they are committed to helping rebuild Canada’s entertainment industry.