You may not have seen a Royal G Symphony show, or listened to their debut EP the King’s Highway, but you know the sound. Their fresh brand of hard-hitting rock music is carefully cultivated to drive a sense of nostalgia, of familiarity and of excitement! As one song moves to another, these feelings deepen as the diverse musical and lyrical influences seamlessly fuse the mixtape of your past with the playlist of your future.


Fronted by power vocalist and lyricist Calum Kennelly, Royal G Symphony is driven by Indie-Alt rock inspired guitarist and lyricist Michael Baldaro and the punk stylings of guitarist Tristan Tessari. Aaron Bowlbo brings a deep sense of feeling to the bass, which pairs perfectly with the delicately composed yet thunderously executed drum fills of Darian Hirst. 


In June 2021 Royal G Symphony self-released their debut EP the King’s Highway on all digital platforms. The 5-song collection presents a diverse range of rock n roll, ranging from the pop-punk inspired “I’m Not Crazy”, to the alternative “Juno” and anchored by the contemporary lead single “The Highway”. Setting no constraints on genre, the King’s Highway has a sound for every rock fan!


Setting their sights on the future, the self-managed group has taken to Royal City Studios to begin recording their first full-length album with producer Eric Leigh. Expect more rock and roll from Royal G Symphony in 2022!